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Why the Selling is Getting Harder: Time is the Enemy.

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Most sales, marketing, and advertising people agree: selling is getting harder every day. Competition is more intense than it used to be. There are companies from different countries selling to buyers, both corporate or consumer, who have less time and attention to pay for your message than ever before. It's harder to get in the door, whether it's the corporate door or the door to the consumer's mind. And when you do get in, the prospect seems to be less interested in new ideas. Research shows that the great enemy of informed buying procedures is time-the customer's time. People don't have the time they had for considering new ideas and new products. Downsizing and job insecurity have forced people to work harder and longer, leaving them with less time to consider a change. To save time, people have become more defensive and less open to change. And they are getting more sophisticated and quicker in deciding who to listen to and for how long. To break through these barriers, you have to know what your prospect's buying, buying paths are, and sell to them the way they want to buy.

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