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What is your prospect's buying profile?

Knowing your prospect's buying profile will help you make the right sell's argument.

There are 3 main buying profiles:

Commander buying Profile

Commander buying Profile

  1. Strength, durability, toughness

  2. Years in business

  3. Proven and time-tested product

  4. Number one, Dominant in sales or market

  5. Famous clients, famous founder

Thinker Buying Profile

Thinker Buying Profile

  1. Best future results

  2. logical design

  3. Best procedures

  4. Clever, unique, design

  5. Endorsed by Expects

Visualizer Buying Profiles

Visualizer Buying Profiles

  1. Clear features=clear benefits

  2. Best looking design

  3. Quick and easy

  4. Cosmetic appeal

It can help you make a strong impression on prospective customers.

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